Coach, what should I do if I’m too sore to train?

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Coach, what should I do if I’m too sore to train?

As coaches we get this question often. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how in the heck you are gonna make it through a workout when you’re too sore to even lift your legs or climb some stairs you are not alone. We have all been there. Often!

Whether we are brand new to exercise, returning from injury or just been out of the game a little while those first few weeks back are hard. You will likely be sore. Sore in the quads, sore in the shoulders, sore in the core and sore in muscles you didn’t even know existed.

So what advice to I give to those feeling too sore to train? Simple. Turn up.

Now before the internet erupts with experts slaughtering my statement I will caveat it with the following – understanding the difference between sore and hurt is paramount. And that works both ways. Future posts will dive into hurt vs sore but for now let’s just recognise there is a difference.

Now what do I mean by turn up? I mean just that, show up at the gym, or running track, or yoga studio or whatever it was that made you sore in the first place.



It’s likely that you’re feeling sore because you are either new to this or returning from time away. Don’t get disheartened. We all feel this I promise. I am in the same boat myself as I write this. But remember, you started this path to health for a reason. Maybe you wanted to feel more confident, maybe you wanted to feel stronger, maybe you wanted to make some new friends, maybe you wanted to lose the shirt at the beach. Whatever the reason you did the hard part, you took that first step. Don’t stop now. It all comes down to building habits and consistency.

Consistency is KEY. As coaches we get to witness inspiring life change each and every day. From all kinds of people, on all kinds of paths, in all kinds of industries, for all kinds of reasons. But the one trait that every success story shares whether it be a performance based, health based, or lifestyle based is CONSISTENCY. The equation is simple – if you want results be consistent.

But coach I’m too sore to workout! Maybe true. But we never said you had to show up and throw down!! If you’re sore from running, go run again, slower, shorter, less intense, wade water, use an elliptical or just walk – but keep showing up. The body is amazing it will respond and adapt. Likewise if you’re sore from a high intensity workout get back to your bootcamp, gym, or box. Scale back the intensity, do the work without weight or just stretch and foam roll. The important part is to show up.


To build habits. Consistency is built through our daily habits. Whether you are getting to the gym to train, stretch or just chat with friends, diligently build it into your routine so that it becomes a habit. Let that habit shape your identity and let consistency (and quality coaching) take care of the rest.

Consistency is KEY. But by pure definition it cannot occur overnight. So one step at a time. Find a place that feels like family. Get in then keep getting in. If you’re sore, or tired, or grumpy, get in anyway lower the intensity, stretch, or meditate. Do what you have to do but show up.

Stay Awesome,

Coach Aaron

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