Why We Scrapped 6 Week Challenges

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Why We Scrapped 6 Week Challenges

It’s the New Year. Behold the “New Year, New You” fitness challenges. But the unfortunate truth is these challenges fail to provide any level of ongoing success and all too often we find ourselves right back where we started and here’s why…

First of all let me be clear, a well run 6 Week Challenge can undoubtedly provide amazing results; we have run many ourselves and witnessed some inspiring transformations. The problem however is sustainability. We aspire to provide lifelong success to all of our members and in order to do so we need to look past the short-term, unsustainable, weight loss programs that pray on the uncommitted and focus on the nobler cause – building healthy habits, transforming identity and piece by piece changing the game of health. Forever.

Everyone that walks through our doors at CrossFit Grovedale starts with a free consultation. This means I’ve had the pleasure to sit with hundreds of amazing humans, heard all of their inspiring stories and discussed the health and fitness goals of each and every person. And of all of my hours spent discussing fitness goals only twice ever have I heard someone say that they were looking to get in awesome shape, fast, and then abandon exercise after a couple of months or specific life event. Conversely, for the other 99.99% the message is clear. We want lifelong health, to feel young, to feel confident and to feel strong… forever.

So what have we learnt at CrossFit Grovedale? We’ve learnt that six weeks is long enough to build healthy habits, in fact we can do so in as little as 28 days. What we’ve also learnt however is that just building healthy habits isn’t enough. Every one of us has given up on habits in the past, both good and bad, and some that were deeply ingrained and painful to do so. But not until we change our identity – who we really are at the core – can we start to see lifelong success. Our data shows us clearly the point at which this begins to occur and it’s not 28 days, nor is it 6 weeks, or even the magic 100 days. In fact it’s not a measure of time at all. It’s a measure of commitment. And the magic number, our data suggests, is about 125. Whether spaced out over a couple of years, or crammed into a few months 125 sessions is the number where we see identity begin to change; where lifelong success becomes a statistical probability. And this is not just applicable to CrossFit. Try it. Go on 125 10km runs over the next year and see if you start to identify as a runner. Likewise go surfing 125 times and tell me you don’t identify as a surfer… at least a little.

And it is for this reason we don’t celebrate time-related anniversaries at CrossFit Grovedale. Instead we focus on attendance milestones. Make it into our 150 Class Club and chances are you’ll have made a lifelong commitment to health.

So if you’re looking for quick-fix weight loss we’ll happily point you in the direction of some great “New Year, New You” Challenges. However if you want to commit to changing the game, to feeling connected, feeling celebrated, and feeling strong inside and out then schedule a free chat today.

Stay Awesome,

Coach Aaron

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